The Wisdompedia project


putting together the pieces of what we know

The goal of the new WisdomPedia Project is to organize and co-curate our collective self-knowledge into a central “WisdomBase” and to shine the light of science 2.0 on the world’s enduring wisdom traditions. It will enable peer reviewed filtering and the cross-fertilization of ideas and methods across geographical, academic and cultural boundaries.

This ambitious goal is being powered by the new knowledge-sharing tools developed by KnowledgeFilter’s KnowledgeCenter Software and supported by licensing revenues from KnowledgeFilter’s patent portfolio. We are seeking additional support in exchange for  appropriate links within WisdomPedia to the works of authors, teachers and researchers who contribute content to the WisdomPedia Project

WisdomPedia, formerly known as the WisdomBase Project, is the long-standing vision of  KnowledgeFilter founder & CEO Michael Heumann. KnowledgeFilter’s KnowledgeCenter Software, patented in 1999 and 2006, is now being used to make user-generated content on sites like more reliable. A portion of the new licensing revenue stream from KnowledgeFilter’s patent portfolio is being committed to help finance the launch of a new WisdomPedia. The knowledge integration and filtering software system was developed as a commercial product by KnowledgeFilter Inc. with the principle intention of supporting the launch of the non-profit WisdomPedia project. The software is currently being updated with a completely new user interface and advanced features including 3 pending patents including a new format for  the creation and co-curation of collectively written Open SourceBooks®.


We are participating in the 2014 Wisdom 2.0 conference in search of technical, content and funding partnerships to support the launch of the next generation WisdomPedia software system. Our patented software system is available for custom licensing to anyone seeking tools for combining and filtering collective knowledge. The business model for supporting the project includes appropriate promotion within WisdomPedia for authors, teachers and researchers who contribute content to the WisdomPedia Project.