KnowledgeCenter Software  is a self-organizing system designed to allow people to share, combine and validate information from a variety of perspectives into useful knowledge and wisdom. The system works by allowing experts and individuals to post ideas and information from diverse sources, and then allows others to provide pro and con commentary, and evidence as well as multi-criteria ratings to filter the content. This open process of co-curation taps collective knowledge and wisdom in order to improve the quality of the knowledge-base, and allows others to add their own unique perspectives and experiences to a growing body of filtered wisdom. The co-curated data is used to re-organize the continuously expanding body of knowledge, so that the most reliable or useful information rises to the top. Comments are submitted into pro & con categories and sorted by collective agreement level within each category. This patented “corroboration engine” system causes the most highly corroborated evidence or opinions on both sides of controversial issues, to rise to the top of the pro and con comment categories.  Multi-criteria ratings allow users to custom sort information in ways that most closely match their individuals measure of value in information.  The results of this information meritocracy self-organize in a way that allows users to see the most compelling arguments on both sides of controversial issues, and to evaluate ideas and methods for themselves based on all inputs. A third comment category allows links to be added for people who want to explore more deeply, and for sponsors to add links to related products and services.

The world we live in today is the result of both the successes and the failures of the traditional scientific approach to knowledge.  The revolutionary change that occurred when superstition and blind conjecture gave way to the scientific method with its repeatable experiments and isolated variables has given us much o be thankful for.  Unfortunately, the greatest problems facing us today, and the greatest mysteries still waiting to be unraveled are in Science 1.0’s blind spot. 

The big picture issues such as the workings of the human mind and the problems of global climate do not lend themselves to reductionism and repeatable experiments.  For these bigger problems we need an approach that does more than take the world apart into bite sized pieces.  Science 1.0 is a way of taking the world apart bit by bit and understanding the little things that make it up.  Science 2.0 harnesses our collective knowledge to begin to put the pieces back together,  so that we might begin to understand the big things that are ultimately the most important.   The WisdomBase Project seeks to use this new technology to shine the light of science on the collective wisdom of the world that is our human birthright. 

Please note that the current public website does not reflect or reveal  the company’s newest technology and patent IP. You may request information about our latest projects by contacting and introducing yourself.

Putting together the pieces of what we know


Science 2.0